I hope to leave my footprint. I am all about impacting the lives of others. It takes concerted efforts, making others the first priority, with yourself as the least of those priorities.

I dedicate my time to a youth club in Soweto called Kliptown Youth Program (KYP). This goes out to all the kids at KYP who I also wish growth and a solid educational foundation for better futures.

With love,





In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Last Words.”

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you are stopping forever. Write it.

This prompt brings me to a state of emotions. This is because 1)I can’t imagine any day as my last day to write on my blog and 2)I do not want it to be. Psalms 107:1 says gives thanks to the Lord for his faithful love endures forever. Therefore I give thanks to the Lord for giving me hope and renewing my faith, for guiding me and giving the ability when I thought I can not. If this would be my initial last post I would also like to show gratitude to everyone who has played a role in my life, directly and otherwise. Be it family, the congregation of Acts Bible Church Ministries, friends, neighbors, a person I met once, school mates and friends I have made through social media platforms across the globe….this goes to you. Yes you! Life without a thank you is incomplete. To my family: your love, laughter and warth has kept me going. Your presence in my life can not be measured. Words can’t either extend my sincere love and thanks giving. All of you are amazing and because some of you have ever seen or read my blog, when you do…know that I kept you in my thoughts daily. To everyone: as mentioned above, regardless of how we met and how you got to know me….this one goes to you. For your impact in my life, thank you. A close sister of mine would say to me ‘no one is meant to live life alone’. It could be not worthwhile if so. I just really want to say…THANK YOU for the support, for being there, for your prayers, for visiting my blog, for recalling that there is someone by the name of Lebogang who exists and for your love. You have been nothing but kind and being extreme eye openers. Thank you for respecting my views and opinions and mostly for making me develop better ideas when writing. I have been inspired and generally have become a better person at heart because of all of you.  Thank you.

Love Lebogang


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Think Global, Act Local.”

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one. images This topic is a deja vu! Or rather a coincidence of some sort. With the conversations I had a few days ago, I was transported to another world through a chat. After speaking to a mother and a friend of mine from England by the name of Tam, I learned a lot. Tam Martins Fowles is a founder of HOPE IN A HEART. She is a very loving and compassionate woman who is tremendously doing well for her community. United Kingdom, which I believe that many of you my friends live there and of course, other spheres of the world. It is very delighting and complex how we always and in our daily basis, think that living in different parts of the world marks and makes us different. Including race, hair, accents, how we dress, eat, and in general, how we do everything. We think that this reflects vast differences in human being. Maybe we are different but if so, what makes us different? Well, I hold a different view. This is a global issue and personally so to say. I have discovered that communication, be it English and which that we can use to exchange mutual understanding is the greatest tool. Therefore, being a third eye to knowing that we are, through communication, differently the same. We see ourselves as different but in us and through communication, we are the same! We are not different. Despite the social constructions, communication can bring as into one accord. However, we then see each one as 1 and we develop 1 love.Through communication we can merge into one and we are one!