MY BUCKET LIST (My list in a bucket)

Bucket list

Where have I been all this time, considering that I have not really thought about making a bucket list?

Well, I have been inspired by so much to start creating one. Perhaps to mention, my friends: Kimon, Paul, Florian and Thomas, who are also my German teachers are doing a lot more to inspire me, if not to influence me.

We have been talking about travel for the last few weeks and great places and a lot of possibilities when it comes to exploring as young people. Who does not really want to play a little at their early 20’s?  I want to. Maybe a little bit of fun can do.

Our conversations are shifting to many things at once and, I have been doing a lot of thinking. I guess I am up for a challenge and I have a few in mind.

First things first, I love travelling, learning, exploring and being adventurous. A little bit of elevation really makes me feel good.

Here is  my initial first bucket list:

And oh! just for clarity purposes, a bucket list, that is according to google, is a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

  1. Probably and most probably, the first achievement I would like to accomplish and  to put into my bucket list is to graduate as a Doctoral student one day. PhD
  2. Travel has got to make it in my list. I would like to travel to the the following cities: Tokyo, Lagos, Beijing, Toronto, Harare, New York, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and  Paris; at least in a few coming years of my life. travel
  3. My mind is aligned to writing. I do not only want to write. I want to be a great writer. And, it takes patience, passion and hard work to nurture this craft. I do a lot of writing  in my mind but that has to change because I would like to write a book one day and this I add to my bucket list. books
  4. I am already living my life but I want to live it to the fullest because life is worth living. But how would I achieve this? I roger doing all the thinks I love like skating, hahaha, teaching subjects I love like English and Mathematics, serving my community through giving back and making a good impact in so many people’s lives; writing until my ink runs out and being the best I can be! life
  5. The list is endless. I think its important not to spoil it and not to break my bucket.

Next think you know, I will be making my “anti-bucket” list inspired by a friend of mine by the name of Tin on My Scribbled Journey. Many thanks for such funny thoughts and great blogging ideas. 🙂








In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Time Capsule.”

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?


I guess with blogging one learns daily. I come across new words and new things all the time here. Well, I have never heard the word “time capsule”. Communication plays a big role on how we construct meanings to things.

The time capsule is a keepsake container of personal goods and information that shows a snapshot or memory of today when opened. People place such historic caches of goods or information with the intention of communicating with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians. People create and place time capsules during celebrations such as a Centennial, Bicentennial, a World’s fair, a cornerstone laying for a building or at other important events (Wikipedia: accessed on 6 March 2015).

If I was given a time capsule I would use to store:

  1. Sneakers and clothing items popularly worn now (for example, long t-shirts, Jordan sneakers, All-Star sneakers.
  2. All the books that I have which I think are worth being read in future.
  3. My Tony Hawk skateboard.
  4. Smart phones and gadgets (perhaps Play station 4, Tablets


These are not much but I am sure in the next 5 years our phones will be much better than now. A lot of things change a lot. I am sure than skateboards too have changed. From old-school skater cruisers to well designed, not heavy boards. Fashion itself continuously changes. A lot of the old-school trends are worn now like vintage, nerdy glasses, checked shirts and so forth. I can imagine times without computers and all these life changing gadgets around us from tablets, laptops and phones. The convenience of having them is so great that turning back would be no option. Going back is a no no! But keeping all these for others to see how we now live is a yes yes!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thanks.”

Have I really thought of such a thing? No! Not at all. Well, I could NOT think of such because I am an out door type of person. I love being out doing something and I am sure being away from home often would not be a problem. Calamities or not, I want to explore the world. Be it the deepest corners of the South or North, East or West, cold or extremely hot, I look forward to adventures.


It may be a country of war zones, killing and brutality or even natural disasters, I want to touch down and tell a story from my own subjectivity point of view or an from an ethnographic point view.


There is no country I would say NO to. Countries are different of course, from time to time including their current circumstances, BUT, I need not be bias from ‘hear say’. I want to travel the world broadly.