So think as if your every thought were to be etched in fire upon the sky for all and everything to see, for so, in truth, it is. –Book of Mirdad.



Thanks to John Kehoe for making me realise the ability the brain has in his book titled MIND POWER into the 21st century.

The discovery was amazing.

I may not know all the greatest theories in the world but, what I know for sure is that: A single unaided thought hasn’t much power, through repetition the thought can become concentrated and directed, and its force can be magnified many times. The more the thought is repeated the more the energy and power it generates, and the more readily it is able to manifest itself.

You probably are wondering how it applies in reality. Kehoe points out an illustration: “picture magnifying glass through which the sun’s rays pass. If the magnifying glass is moved about from spot to spot, the power of sun’s rays is diffused and not apparent. If, however, the magnifying glass is held still and focused correctly at the proper height, those same rays become concentrated, and that diffused light suddenly becomes a powerful force enough to ignite a fire”.

So it is with our thoughts.

Pay attention to your thoughts and direct them accordingly. Your life is entirely of your own making, so look at how you are living.

You claim you want financial abundance, yet you are constantly bemoaning your lack of money and how expensive things are.

Perhaps you want change, it will not happen because you want it badly or simply by working hard. Hoping for something different will not have any effect.

You will always remain where you are unless- and it’s a big unless you- you change your thinking.

Your mind creates your reality.


2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,400 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 40 trips to carry that many people.

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The Rise of Independent Travel Magazines

Very true. I have more or less learned about travel journalism at school. It is funny how media can invest in such a genre of journalism and not serious journalism. It is a great shift in the field though. I would pretty much enjoy going places and sharing about different locations, taking pictures and videos. Perhaps even blogging would be great. But travel journalism would be more epic if it covered more of places on the map which are hardly spoken of.

That would highlight new horizons in the craft and story telling.


The new magazines also move away from the traditional “colonial” model of travel journalism, where a writer is sent overseas to experience a trip as a holiday-maker would, then report back. Instead, many of the new titles commission pieces from writers with existing connections to a destination (a model that happily saves on travel costs, too). Boat magazine, an early independent which first published in 2010, produces an entire issue focused on a single destination, and moves its editorial team there for several weeks to seek out stories. Many of the new editors are scathing about conventional titles’ focus on hotels and restaurants, and their extensive use of lists. The independents see themselves as being about places, rather than holidays.

Others see themselves as part of a “slow journalism” movement, analogous with slow food and slow travel. “With independent publishing there is clearly a reaction against what else is out…

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Tell us about something that happened to you last week-but write it in the style of a fairy tale.


Once upon a time, not long ago in a small city called Johannesburg, there was a young pretty lady who loved to be a journalist one day. She wished to be a part of a university so that she can acquire more knowledge to be one. She enrolled at one of the universities around Johannesburg and was accepted to be a student. She thanked God for his favour upon her. The young lady received a letter in response from the university to attend an information session, which she did. She was excited. Seconds, minutes, hours and days passed before this precious day. The day finally came.

The city, busy and noisy, she thought. Nervous she became. Finally at the university campus. New atmosphere, new people, new education, new lectures and new everything, she thought.

The venue addressed: Audiovisual Studio B5. Wow, the lights, dimmed room, connecting electric wires. Its a television studio, she smiled. Wow. Journalism must be amazing. Not knowing any one. The session is about to start and the lectures came in addressing students. The young lady set alone and a God-sent came in good time, sitting next to her. After a short conversation, the young lady at a new university had a new friend, a new colleague. She was so kind. She toured me around campus. We exchanged contacts, had longer conversations after the session and it was as if we knew each other long before then.

It was time to leave for home. What a day! Filled with so much excitement. It was time to part ways and the end, I felt content with my surroundings. I wasn’t new after those hours, I felt. I had a friend. The young lady had a new colleague. We hugged and said goodbye. Class resumes on 2 February 2015. I trust its going to be a great experience, challenging yet rewarding 🙂

The End.

GENDER VICISSITUDE: a letter to myself

Dear Lebo

You were and always will be a huge part of me.

In life, all I did was wonder who and what I will be.

You were there when no one else was,

Even though right now you are in my past

I will never forget you.

For to thine own self…….

You were true, you led me to a place where I was accepted.

You were loved and mostly respected.

They welcomed me with open arms

And in the midst of it all, you mislead me

you made me complacent.

I was at your mercy. In the interim you built a wall between us

Making it harder for me to get cross,

Get across to what initially was destined for me.

All I ever wanted was to be free,

Free from you and your ways

Free from society and their stares

I let you take over, take control, only then did I realise how unhappy you made me.

Did I decide to take a stand! Take back what is really mine, my life, and my identity.

All along I didn’t know who I was. I would look in the mirror and not recognise myself.

Not even recognise my own smile but I tell you….

Since I took control I feel liberated.

Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I know what and who I am.

I am proud of who I have become and no more shall I live out of people’s eyes

No more shall I let judgement get the better of me

Because honestly speaking no one will make me happier than I will

Or than I did when I accepted me. Nobody is destined for this path but me

And nobody will ever be good at living my life or will ever be best at this than me

Sincerely Yours,

Roderick Kgosi


25 year old, Roderick Kgosi Lechuti is the writer of this poem. His name at birth is Lebogang, meaning “be grateful”. Grew up as a homosexual, precisely a lesbian. Growing up in judgmental and stereotypical society, Lechuti came out as a transgender and shares what he remembers about his live then before now. In this poem he frankly expresses what lesbianism meant to him and how this gender transition has been a liberation more than an ignominy. He shares the struggles he had to go through to get to the point he is at now, confident than ever he has the courage to live his life without seeking approval to do so.


Screen shot 2011-04-11 at 2.16.15 PM

Written by: Lebogang Mokoena

Dedicated to: Roderick Kgosi Lechuti

My own skin vowed not……

To be comfortable in my own body.

My own skin abandoned me Not connected to me….

Not content with me Not comfortable in its own self Dawn passed and filled me with wisdom…

Wisdom to set me free.

To break the chains,

To see me beyond gender,

For gender is misunderstood Gender is mistaken.

Today, my skin comprehends that gender is not between the legs.

For gender is between the eyes.

Today, my own skin smiles at criticism,

That mimics voices that I am gay, I am lesbian, transgender?

That is not me world….

I am a new transition, a vivacious new being,

A blessing,

A brave,

A bright and in the open, have made a decision binding….have erudite that no matter my decision the world will not fall apart.

In my own skin, the senile is gone.

The new me is bold without boundaries. In my own skin, undergoing a transition… I am comfortable in my own skin, Therefore I accept me.


After weeks of having conversations with Roderick, I have learned a lot and have stepped into his shoes to know him better and to be able to tell a story on his behalf. Being his voice, I now understand that in our own journeys it is through, first and foremost, our own self acceptance that others find it in their hearts to accept us. Be it gender or race related or any situation it may be, acceptance starts with you.

A short interview with Roderick:

Q1: How does it feel being labelled ‘transgender’?

A1: It is not nice as I don’t identify myself as a transgender person. It is almost an insult as much as being called she/her. I feel like I am grouped, caged….

Q2: What does your transition mean to you?

A2: A second chance at life, a different outlook on life to live my life as I was destined to. To fully indulge in the happiness that society and my body has robbed me of.

Q3: How would you advice people out there who are undergoing the same thing as you are? Or who are about to?

A3: To just hang in there, to be cautious of their surroundings, as well as to have patience, be understanding and be open minded. People wont and don’t accept things that they don’t understand. When coming out one needs to understand the other persons views, as much as they want to other people to understand their too and ‘do unto others as you would like them to do unto you’ and that your transition does not mean you are special, no one owes you acceptance, it just means that you are facing a challenge in your life just as a teenager would experience when telling her parents she is pregnant. But in all in all accept yourself, be comfortable with you then only will other people be comfortable with you and do not compare yourself with others for our journeys are different. Gender identity, sexual orientation are complex.


back to school

May all children in South Africa enjoy every seconds and minutes of school and more importantly, may they find learning vital for growing and maturing minds. Today its back to school 🙂

“Education commences at the mother’s knee,

and every word spoken within the hearing of the

little children tends towards the formation of the character” – Hosea Ballou

“Education is the the leading of human souls too what is best, and making what is best out of them”

– John Rusken