Gender Ninja

Hi to all the gender ninjas in the world.

My greeting come all the way from South Africa.

If you are not conscious of the urban or rather the contemporary lexicon that liberated many of us across the globe to be comfortable in our skin and more importantly, to be able to avoid discrimination arising from the impression that there are social roles for which one gender is more suited than the other.

Do not to worry. I aim to school you.

As my point of departure, I will explain what a gender ninja is. A gender ninja is a person who’s gender is indecipherable (not able to be read or understood). More often gender ninjas are associated with homosexuals.

The word gender ninja in my understanding is also interlinked with the now becoming known formal pronounce Mx., which means one who does not identify themselves as female or male, but as gender neutral rather.

I am one of those people. I am a gender ninja. I am gender neutral and I advocate for it.

I have come to reach a point and stage in my life where I am tired of explaining this and that. More particularly about my sexual orientation and questions about who I regard myself. And insults about what is justified as not an African act and a religious and social misconduct.

Today, someone bumped on me and suddenly started a conversation about gender. All of sudden. Not like I mind. This is one of the topics I no longer find sensitive. Perhaps once upon a time. This stranger who bumped on me…after a short conversation then said to me “But why does a lovely and beautiful lady like you choose to be gay?”

I paused. I knew I had to. I just slowly said: “Who literally would wake up one morning and choose such a burden? Who on earth would choose mockery and a daily bread and soda drink of prejudice?”

It does not make sense to me. But nonetheless…my intentions were not to depress you. BUT, to let you know that on Tuesday It was my very first time I filled in a form or application in South Africa that accommodated me as a gender neutral individual. I found this very liberating, amazing and a really worth to share story.

For the first time I proudly applied as who I believe to be, a gender neutral individual.

I am no Miss. I am not Mr. I am gender neutral. I am not all about gender distinctions.

I am Mx. Lebo Mokoena






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