Today marks two days after my very last examination for my BA Honours degree.

What an overwhelming journey…yet one that was filled with fun and at times…unseen tears.

Looking back, I did not think I would make it or even get to the very end of it.

All I just knew is that should I run this course, I will never be the same. And I should not be the same. Not by any chance, after so much ground breaking lessons, meeting beautiful people and of course, putting myself into the challenge.

I have a story to tell :).

This story comes with a lot of memories and amazing highlights. I am awed by this experience and all I went through to be still standing now. All I know is, God is a creator of seasons and in every season He has reasons.

I can testify: Indeed seasons comes for a purpose.

All shall come to pass, for He has reasons for seasons we go through.

I am grateful!





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