Production Script 1

Finally…Hope Lingers is showcased on Candid Talk!

This is probably my first highlight of the year 2015 and of the beginning of my journalism career.

We were schooled with hard knocks.

Hope Lingers is a short television insert for an actuality show called Global City Project. The Global Campus Network is an alliance of post-secondary institutions around the world, led by Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. This is a collaborative effort and platform on different events and an outlet of quality content produced by students.

The actuality show presented in this portfolio is on a theme ‘the secret city’. This theme is about capturing a part of the city, in which [we] producers of the program live, that is unknown to others. The documentary produced is titled ‘Hope Lingers’.

This is about uncovering the history of the Freedom Charter established in 1955 and importantly, what is unknown about Kliptown that is the informal settlement there. This documentary reveals the greatness out this location where people live under dire circumstances but are privileged to have initiatives such Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), making it a lively place filled with engagements.

Special thanks to our educators at the University of Johannesburg, Department of Journalism, Film and Television (JFT) for the help and support. Many thanks to Amanda Sono, Mbali Mzinyane, Freda Ukpoju and Lebogang Mokoena, who were hardworking and passionate during the process of shooting this documentary.

Team blessed.


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