eine Leistung: Ein Jahr der Deutsch lernen


Dank Kliptown Youth Prgramme (KYP) und World Horizons auf eine Gelehenheit, Deutsch unterrichtet werden. Dank Paul und Kimon, der im Vorjahr für eine voluntaring Program verbracte in Südafrika. Dank Florian und Thomas, die es nach Südafrika vor Kurzem haben, als auch ehrenamtlich. Schließlich, Ich bin dankbar für mein eigenes Engagement und Ausdauer zu erlernen.

Seine mehr als einem Jahr, seit ich festgestellt, Deutsch zu lernen. Der heutige Tag ist ein Jahr, eine Monat und 12 Tage.

Ich bin glücklich und hoffe fluant auf sie zu sein. Was für eine großartige Reise.





Gender Ninja

Hi to all the gender ninjas in the world.

My greeting come all the way from South Africa.

If you are not conscious of the urban or rather the contemporary lexicon that liberated many of us across the globe to be comfortable in our skin and more importantly, to be able to avoid discrimination arising from the impression that there are social roles for which one gender is more suited than the other.

Do not to worry. I aim to school you.

As my point of departure, I will explain what a gender ninja is. A gender ninja is a person who’s gender is indecipherable (not able to be read or understood). More often gender ninjas are associated with homosexuals.

The word gender ninja in my understanding is also interlinked with the now becoming known formal pronounce Mx., which means one who does not identify themselves as female or male, but as gender neutral rather.

I am one of those people. I am a gender ninja. I am gender neutral and I advocate for it.

I have come to reach a point and stage in my life where I am tired of explaining this and that. More particularly about my sexual orientation and questions about who I regard myself. And insults about what is justified as not an African act and a religious and social misconduct.

Today, someone bumped on me and suddenly started a conversation about gender. All of sudden. Not like I mind. This is one of the topics I no longer find sensitive. Perhaps once upon a time. This stranger who bumped on me…after a short conversation then said to me “But why does a lovely and beautiful lady like you choose to be gay?”

I paused. I knew I had to. I just slowly said: “Who literally would wake up one morning and choose such a burden? Who on earth would choose mockery and a daily bread and soda drink of prejudice?”

It does not make sense to me. But nonetheless…my intentions were not to depress you. BUT, to let you know that on Tuesday It was my very first time I filled in a form or application in South Africa that accommodated me as a gender neutral individual. I found this very liberating, amazing and a really worth to share story.

For the first time I proudly applied as who I believe to be, a gender neutral individual.

I am no Miss. I am not Mr. I am gender neutral. I am not all about gender distinctions.

I am Mx. Lebo Mokoena






Production Script 1

Finally…Hope Lingers is showcased on Candid Talk!

This is probably my first highlight of the year 2015 and of the beginning of my journalism career.

We were schooled with hard knocks.

Hope Lingers is a short television insert for an actuality show called Global City Project. The Global Campus Network is an alliance of post-secondary institutions around the world, led by Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. This is a collaborative effort and platform on different events and an outlet of quality content produced by students.

The actuality show presented in this portfolio is on a theme ‘the secret city’. This theme is about capturing a part of the city, in which [we] producers of the program live, that is unknown to others. The documentary produced is titled ‘Hope Lingers’.

This is about uncovering the history of the Freedom Charter established in 1955 and importantly, what is unknown about Kliptown that is the informal settlement there. This documentary reveals the greatness out this location where people live under dire circumstances but are privileged to have initiatives such Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), making it a lively place filled with engagements.

Special thanks to our educators at the University of Johannesburg, Department of Journalism, Film and Television (JFT) for the help and support. Many thanks to Amanda Sono, Mbali Mzinyane, Freda Ukpoju and Lebogang Mokoena, who were hardworking and passionate during the process of shooting this documentary.

Team blessed.



Today marks two days after my very last examination for my BA Honours degree.

What an overwhelming journey…yet one that was filled with fun and at times…unseen tears.

Looking back, I did not think I would make it or even get to the very end of it.

All I just knew is that should I run this course, I will never be the same. And I should not be the same. Not by any chance, after so much ground breaking lessons, meeting beautiful people and of course, putting myself into the challenge.

I have a story to tell :).

This story comes with a lot of memories and amazing highlights. I am awed by this experience and all I went through to be still standing now. All I know is, God is a creator of seasons and in every season He has reasons.

I can testify: Indeed seasons comes for a purpose.

All shall come to pass, for He has reasons for seasons we go through.

I am grateful!






Instagram is not just a community of more than 300 million who capture and share the world’s moments on the service. But, it is a platform which develops talent. Young people showcase their work and to a greater extent, make a living out of Instagram.

Starting small is going big. Gareth Pon (28) is one such young individual.


Gareth featuring Rulane at 7th street, Melville

He has accumulated a following of more than 200 000 followers on this global photo-sharing app. He is proclaimed Africa’s top Instagramer, Samsung’s electronics 2015 digital imaging brand ambassador and founder of Instagramer South African Community. He has a unique approach of storytelling through photography, using social media Instagram as a means to do so. Gareth’s role within the community involves coaching the local potential of Instagram, seeing communities grow first hand while developing the medium of mobile photography. “Initially, I started it to discover Jo’burg. I feel like there is a negative connotation around the city and I started using it as a way to tell a different perspective. A perspective of what the city is”, he says. Some of his work include short films such Wildly Innocent.

Another Instagram head honcho is Alessio a.k.a Fonz (37), who is born and raised in Pretoria prominent for his superb works on the cyber space Instagram.

Jonz smiles at the camera before his photo endeavors.

Jonz smiles at the camera before his photo endeavors.

He is the founder of Visual Eyes, a company that deals with visual and social content.

It all started with him being a typical Instagrammer , well like an ordinary person who Instagrams- taking pictures then upload them- but because of his creative and eye grabbing photography with his iPhone 4S and camera, he happened to make success out of a social platform.  He started shooting random pictures, and uploading them on Instagram not knowing that was the start of a new career. “It all started with Instagram. When my work really started improving, people took notice. They started asking me to cover events for them. The content that I shoot almost always goes to Instagram and social networks”

A collage of Alessio's captured images.

                        A collage of Alessio’s captured images.



I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Professor Jane Duncan, who during the process of doing this research played a pivotal role in shaping my thoughts. Thank you for your assistance and persistent guidance.

I would also like to thank the Department of Journalism, Film and Television (FTV) of the University of Johannesburg for the encouragement over the year. To Professor Ylva Rodny-Gumede, Ms. Emmerentia Breytenbach and many thanks to Prof. Collin Chasi and Dr. Sheperd Mpofu of the School of Communication for inspiration.

I would also like to acknowledge, with special thanks to the editorial/ managerial team and the advocacy co-ordinator at amaBhungane, particularly Karabo Rajuili, Sam Sole and Stefaans Brümmer for allowing me to interview them, taking their time from busy schedules to answer my questions.