Oh well, if you are considering getting your Diploma or Degree and hitting the road, reconsider the idea. Postgraduate studies are overwhelming but with amazing perks.

The greatest I can share with you is one of being assigned a supervisor, what others call “an academic parent” in the UK. A great way to say “individual lecturer”. I have never really imagined university or school in this manner. So interesting…, arousing one’s curiosity.

In the deep, I still have fun: I enjoy conversations I have with my supervisor Professor Jane Duncan. Her journey in academia and insights she shares with me are thought provoking. To some extent, are a motivation to pick myself up during all my stresses and downfalls and to walk tall, considering that all will be fine.

The desire and hunger to learn, which has always been an attribute of my personality has yet revisited me. At times the motivation is misled. The greatest highlight is having the same interest as hers, particularly around investigative journalism and social justice themes. And largely, simply journalism.

Epistemological, a great deal of knowledge she imparts stretches my mind not only to absorb but to critique and to be critical.

I feel team blessed and I am team blessed.