I coincidentally got myself listening to this song titled Clown by Emeli Sande on YouTube. It is beautiful music, I must acknowledge. Sometimes music is like a sign post preaching how you are feeling. It is a guiding sign post alerting you that sometimes, you are just never too weird because someone shares the same sentiments as you. Perhaps at times I feel like a clown but I would rather be one because this circus will soon be over. I am on my way to the land of milk and honey.

How often do we never want to be clowns? Who wants to be laughed? Being a joke not shared with? How often do we want to be pinpointed as crowds or as a fool?

I sure do think no one would want to be classified so. I just somewhat feel you should not worry if you are made to feel so. I actually do not mind being a clown…a fool. And if I were to be told I am, I would say, ‘Thank you. That is in fact a compliment’. Well to think of being clever? Maybe I would rather stick here. I am sure it will get me somewhere, where cleverness will get you.


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