I coincidentally got myself listening to this song titled Clown by Emeli Sande on YouTube. It is beautiful music, I must acknowledge. Sometimes music is like a sign post preaching how you are feeling. It is a guiding sign post alerting you that sometimes, you are just never too weird because someone shares the same sentiments as you. Perhaps at times I feel like a clown but I would rather be one because this circus will soon be over. I am on my way to the land of milk and honey.

How often do we never want to be clowns? Who wants to be laughed? Being a joke not shared with? How often do we want to be pinpointed as crowds or as a fool?

I sure do think no one would want to be classified so. I just somewhat feel you should not worry if you are made to feel so. I actually do not mind being a clown…a fool. And if I were to be told I am, I would say, ‘Thank you. That is in fact a compliment’. Well to think of being clever? Maybe I would rather stick here. I am sure it will get me somewhere, where cleverness will get you.



On the 31st of March 2015 I graduated from the University Of South Africa (UNISA) for the completion of my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Science. I am humble that I have got thus far. I thank God for everything. What a not easy journey yet a fun one. It ends not here. Thanks to my family and friends for the support. Congratulations to all my friends who also graduated a few days ago and those who are going to undergo this fantastic academic ceremony receiving their qualifications from various higher institutions across South Africa.

Graduation outfit

Graduation outfit: Thanks to Primo, Bongani and Musa for designing this suit for me.

Academic growth brings an amazing feeling. One I can not express in a lot of words. It is just fantastic!



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tagline.”

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?


A friend put an emphasis yesterday that people need to have taglines and how this is good for branding oneself. I am not sure if I comprehended him at first. I sure picked up and learned something from our conversation. He spoke a lot about seeing school assignments as life long projects, however, regarding them as projects which can be future highlights and projects that are still to continue. Such projects therefore should give you light to start building a brand. An accountant and business management acquired individual, giving such talks comes without a surprise because his mandate is  all about inspiring and encouraging others to learn and using they knowledge to establish co-operations that will grow showing casing skills of a particular field on is interested in. I really am inspired by such conversations and people! This conversation has got me thinking of my own tagline as an individual. It is nothing complicated.

Looking at my character, personality and traits…….

I would like my tagline to be: Young, bold and fearless

That’s is it! 🙂