Today marks three months and a day since the existence of my blog. Signed up on the 1st of November 2014 without a clue on what I was going to write about and without a sense of direction. The first three months are gone. Candid Talk is embracing the forth month. I guess this blog was inspired by the fact that one can not label themselves or by others as a writer when they do not write. How are you a writer when you never write? One popular quote says ‘To be a writer, you need to write’. Franz Kafta says, “A non-writing writer is a monster counting insanity”. This is exactly how I used to feel back then especially when I was procrastinating a lot on writing. I used to call myself a writer yet I had nothing to proof. I used to claim it. Now I know that…even when your ideas are not seconded by many, also criticized..that brings personal growth and ameliorates your writing style and ideas. What I also learned about writing is that you never get it right at first. Writing more often makes you better. While I celebrate the first three months of writing what I like and sharing my views and opinions, I also want to share my favorite writing quotes in supporting others who have been postponing to write and  they desire putting words in black and white. It has not certainly been an easy journey but blogging 101 was a tremendous stepping stone for exposure, learning about blogging (technically and otherwise) and seeing how others blog and therefore, learning from them.




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