The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

Coffee and nothing else….

A routine..like many others do have, especially for weekends, can not dis-attach myself from. I love consistency. After long days on and off campus. Hustling and bustling. After a seemingly looking like an unending week but one filled with fun still…I need a filter coffee on a Saturday morning. I bet myself to sleep early on a Friday night, so as to have a good kick start on Saturday morning. Well you would at least want that if you have devotions of some sort and you love consistency. Saturdays to me means delving into and devoting myself to the pursuit of knowledge. That is a day I wake up in hope of catching up with all which I feel left behind with. School related though. Nothing much and if not in relation to that…probably..not really a catch up matter. This is a day for studying and for absorbing chunks, completing assignments, summarizing readers/journals and perhaps meeting deadlines and getting familiar with the content as needs be. This requires some sort of energy. Energy, even after a long week.

So I ideally like to pop in at Mugg and Bean (M&B). A popular restaurant serving drinks and food. Attention drawing via the smell of well cooked meals. A 30 minutes “me time” with a filter coffee, I request. I like it black. It removes all the morning tiredness on the face and kicks in a zest. After a cup, I know my day has began.

Coffee drinking is not an everyday thing for me and if getting coffee they do makes my Saturdays great..then drinking coffee at any given time and if not brewed like theirs…then that is not ideal. Well I guess I never have time to sit down and contemplate and really enjoy coffee that way. Plus not all my Saturdays are spent like this. They all are not this way because of how I plan to spend the day. If my day will revolve around my books then I can have a little of me time. But if plans are structured differently..then my Saturday morning is far from how I wish I could spend it.

A sip of a well brewed coffee is the first thing I need on a Saturday. The rest follows suit and trust me… I love it and gets my day going…productive so to say.


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