In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Can Be Taught!.”

What makes a teacher great?

Teachers yell and do get angry. Like parents, they really do. That really should not be a problem and if they do get angry and if they know how to alert us on when the red light is coming… before it is too late…then I do appreciate that. A great teacher is one with motherly love. She/He would be angry because you are heading the wrong direction but calls you into order and approaches you never the less like a mom. That is what makes a teacher great for me. Showing motherly love would mean giving advises, assisting you were possible and doing their best to see you on track.

So, a great teacher has got your back but does not tolerate nonsense.



The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

A colleague here at my new university suggested I should be studying Film and Television after showing an interest in knowing more about it. I have once considered that but after an experience of studying one challenging but fun subject during my undergraduate level….the consideration melted and disappeared in thin vacuum air. Film and Television is way interesting for someone who is interested in pressing now and then, fascinated by great looking technology that enable the magic behind this field. Not only is it fun, its a huge challenge. I love to challenge myself but no, this time I would only do knowing that I am guaranteed a pass. Failure, I believe is a guideline to improvement and discovering your weaknesses. Failure is not necessarily wrong. But who wants to fail? I do do not want to fail. I am sure you too do not want to fail. Its amazing how we do not want to but it happens at times. We less anticipate it.

My story is different. I have had a great opportunity to study media studies which focuses on film and television theories and a lot more on this subject. I have also had a privilege of compiling a portfolio of research done on it as well as exploring theories by viewing films. It was great but certainly not my best. Not only have I studied this course, I have also passed it. Now that is epic.

A part of me loves film and television study but I would not go a mile to literally study it. If only I was guaranteed to pass, I would take the risk. I am scared of failure.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Time Capsule.”

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?


I guess with blogging one learns daily. I come across new words and new things all the time here. Well, I have never heard the word “time capsule”. Communication plays a big role on how we construct meanings to things.

The time capsule is a keepsake container of personal goods and information that shows a snapshot or memory of today when opened. People place such historic caches of goods or information with the intention of communicating with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians. People create and place time capsules during celebrations such as a Centennial, Bicentennial, a World’s fair, a cornerstone laying for a building or at other important events (Wikipedia: accessed on 6 March 2015).

If I was given a time capsule I would use to store:

  1. Sneakers and clothing items popularly worn now (for example, long t-shirts, Jordan sneakers, All-Star sneakers.
  2. All the books that I have which I think are worth being read in future.
  3. My Tony Hawk skateboard.
  4. Smart phones and gadgets (perhaps Play station 4, Tablets


These are not much but I am sure in the next 5 years our phones will be much better than now. A lot of things change a lot. I am sure than skateboards too have changed. From old-school skater cruisers to well designed, not heavy boards. Fashion itself continuously changes. A lot of the old-school trends are worn now like vintage, nerdy glasses, checked shirts and so forth. I can imagine times without computers and all these life changing gadgets around us from tablets, laptops and phones. The convenience of having them is so great that turning back would be no option. Going back is a no no! But keeping all these for others to see how we now live is a yes yes!


The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cut Off.”


It is often seldom that I feel lonely. Actually, lonely is a word I hardly use. Do I even see myself lonely at times? No. Do I feel that way? Not at all. An occupied mind, I would think really makes time to be with others but complain less about being left alone. I never feel lonely for a lot of reasons. Particularly for the fact that I prioritized a lot and I am conscious of when I need to be around friends and family and also when it is time to chill (be with loved ones).

Lonely…is what I am not familiar with.



Today marks three months and a day since the existence of my blog. Signed up on the 1st of November 2014 without a clue on what I was going to write about and without a sense of direction. The first three months are gone. Candid Talk is embracing the forth month. I guess this blog was inspired by the fact that one can not label themselves or by others as a writer when they do not write. How are you a writer when you never write? One popular quote says ‘To be a writer, you need to write’. Franz Kafta says, “A non-writing writer is a monster counting insanity”. This is exactly how I used to feel back then especially when I was procrastinating a lot on writing. I used to call myself a writer yet I had nothing to proof. I used to claim it. Now I know that…even when your ideas are not seconded by many, also criticized..that brings personal growth and ameliorates your writing style and ideas. What I also learned about writing is that you never get it right at first. Writing more often makes you better. While I celebrate the first three months of writing what I like and sharing my views and opinions, I also want to share my favorite writing quotes in supporting others who have been postponing to write and  they desire putting words in black and white. It has not certainly been an easy journey but blogging 101 was a tremendous stepping stone for exposure, learning about blogging (technically and otherwise) and seeing how others blog and therefore, learning from them.




The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

Coffee and nothing else….

A many others do have, especially for weekends, can not dis-attach myself from. I love consistency. After long days on and off campus. Hustling and bustling. After a seemingly looking like an unending week but one filled with fun still…I need a filter coffee on a Saturday morning. I bet myself to sleep early on a Friday night, so as to have a good kick start on Saturday morning. Well you would at least want that if you have devotions of some sort and you love consistency. Saturdays to me means delving into and devoting myself to the pursuit of knowledge. That is a day I wake up in hope of catching up with all which I feel left behind with. School related though. Nothing much and if not in relation to that…probably..not really a catch up matter. This is a day for studying and for absorbing chunks, completing assignments, summarizing readers/journals and perhaps meeting deadlines and getting familiar with the content as needs be. This requires some sort of energy. Energy, even after a long week.

So I ideally like to pop in at Mugg and Bean (M&B). A popular restaurant serving drinks and food. Attention drawing via the smell of well cooked meals. A 30 minutes “me time” with a filter coffee, I request. I like it black. It removes all the morning tiredness on the face and kicks in a zest. After a cup, I know my day has began.

Coffee drinking is not an everyday thing for me and if getting coffee they do makes my Saturdays great..then drinking coffee at any given time and if not brewed like theirs…then that is not ideal. Well I guess I never have time to sit down and contemplate and really enjoy coffee that way. Plus not all my Saturdays are spent like this. They all are not this way because of how I plan to spend the day. If my day will revolve around my books then I can have a little of me time. But if plans are structured differently..then my Saturday morning is far from how I wish I could spend it.

A sip of a well brewed coffee is the first thing I need on a Saturday. The rest follows suit and trust me… I love it and gets my day going…productive so to say.