In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thanks.”

Have I really thought of such a thing? No! Not at all. Well, I could NOT think of such because I am an out door type of person. I love being out doing something and I am sure being away from home often would not be a problem. Calamities or not, I want to explore the world. Be it the deepest corners of the South or North, East or West, cold or extremely hot, I look forward to adventures.


It may be a country of war zones, killing and brutality or even natural disasters, I want to touch down and tell a story from my own subjectivity point of view or an from an ethnographic point view.


There is no country I would say NO to. Countries are different of course, from time to time including their current circumstances, BUT, I need not be bias from ‘hear say’. I want to travel the world broadly.



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