In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teacher’s Pet.”

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?


How often have we ever toke into consideration of the important roles teachers have in our lives? I thought of this question when I read this prompt. The reason that I could read this prompt should definitely grant someone out there an award for teaching me how to read. Writing this is no exception. The fact that I can think, therefore write, also needs to be noted as an important aspect of being taught by a teacher. I still am not really a good writer you would have come across but I thank all my teachers from first grade to the last one. There is a saying that says, which that does not build you, may break you. This is often prevalent in school life. Not all teachers will build you and not all of them will break you. Oh! at least, this is not their main objective or intention in their craft of teaching.

Regardless of the odds, I too have a teacher I would like to tell a story about. Her name is Ms Nkonde. She taught me the English language, which is a second language to me, making it worth learning. She taught me intermediate and senior phase grades at primary school. Often learning a language other than that of your mother is challenging but she had a zest and the ability to make us be interested in speaking it, writing it and laughing about it. Yes, laughing about your mistakes when speaking, be corrected and learn from it. I really appreciated this because perfection is groomed and bred by our daily mistakes. However, we learn through such experiences.

I still think English is a daunting language to speak but I have then developed an incredible energy to write and significantly, to see myself pursue a career in communication and writing. I envy her for being patient, loving and kind. I love her for imparting her knowledge to us. Looking back,  I was way poor at this language and today, presently, I have improved.

Would I have made it without a teacher like her? Would I  have built a dream for myself? Would I have seen possibilities behold measure?

Maybe yes, maybe no. I sure do know that I would have endeavored in other fields of interest.


Lebo loves you


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