Tell us about something that happened to you last week-but write it in the style of a fairy tale.


Once upon a time, not long ago in a small city called Johannesburg, there was a young pretty lady who loved to be a journalist one day. She wished to be a part of a university so that she can acquire more knowledge to be one. She enrolled at one of the universities around Johannesburg and was accepted to be a student. She thanked God for his favour upon her. The young lady received a letter in response from the university to attend an information session, which she did. She was excited. Seconds, minutes, hours and days passed before this precious day. The day finally came.

The city, busy and noisy, she thought. Nervous she became. Finally at the university campus. New atmosphere, new people, new education, new lectures and new everything, she thought.

The venue addressed: Audiovisual Studio B5. Wow, the lights, dimmed room, connecting electric wires. Its a television studio, she smiled. Wow. Journalism must be amazing. Not knowing any one. The session is about to start and the lectures came in addressing students. The young lady set alone and a God-sent came in good time, sitting next to her. After a short conversation, the young lady at a new university had a new friend, a new colleague. She was so kind. She toured me around campus. We exchanged contacts, had longer conversations after the session and it was as if we knew each other long before then.

It was time to leave for home. What a day! Filled with so much excitement. It was time to part ways and the end, I felt content with my surroundings. I wasn’t new after those hours, I felt. I had a friend. The young lady had a new colleague. We hugged and said goodbye. Class resumes on 2 February 2015. I trust its going to be a great experience, challenging yet rewarding 🙂

The End.


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