In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or you decided to fight on anyway?



Reality knocks in sometime in our lives. Be it after high school or when a need rises to start learning to be independent. Being a child is great but we cannot always be children. Can we? We ought to grow.

Often after high school, what we call ‘Matriculation’ in South Africa, reality kicks in. The completion of it is a good first stepping stones to tertiary education. Its also a moment to be remembered. After this chapter, I wanted to go into university, nonetheless ,the financial demands that it requested. Often we seek funding and bursaries to help pave the way. It was never easy. It never came through for me and I ended up being a stay home for a year and 6 months.

It was depressing and frustrating. My dream seemed impossible and far from reaching. When I was about to give in, I was then advised by a close friend to apply at one of SA’s prestigious long distance institution called University of South Africa (UNISA) which is the most affordable institution here. I was blessed to be funded. There I was, studying Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science which I successfully completed with an attainment of 8 distinctions out of 30 modules/subjects. This was only possible through fighting a battle of getting this qualification after challenges and the hunger that burned in me. Hard work and courage followed suit.

“Education is the leading of human souls to what is best, and making what is best out of the them” – John Ruskin

Through the grace and mercy of God, faith got me where despair would have not.


2 thoughts on “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • Really interesting blog. I am inspired. You really are good with writing, plus we share an interest of journalism. I will be studying my BA Honours in Journalism at the University of Johannesburg here in South Africa. Nice meeting you.


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