This article grants me an opportunity to let you know of who I am, to simply introduce myself. My name is Lebogang Mokoena. I am a 23 year old female and newly BA Communication Science Graduate from a Long Distance Learning institution called the University of South Africa. Born and bred in Soweto, a township in Johannesburg and am the first of four children. I am an outspoken, ingenious and an extrovert.

I have endeavoured in life learning experiences and have engaged in many societal projects, volunteered in various non-governmental organisations and have worked for the past three years as a primary school tutor and more importantly, through this have devoted myself to giving back to a community I grew up in.

My hobbies include skateboarding and writing. One of the first reasons I have started a blog of my own, is to share my perspectives on various topics that interest me, secondly, to engage with other bloggers who are versatile and are keen to share their views and opinions and thirdly, to learn and ameliorate my writing skills.

Blogging publicly is a way to grow personally, socially and cognitively too. Topics I hope to cover include all the things I like from skateboarding, photography and social issues/matters. I therefore would like to extend my knowledge on other topics and explore without limitations.

Building an active audience and most significantly, to improve my writing skills, are some of the goals I hope to accomplish after this year of blogging. Thank you for visiting my blog.




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