It is either the world is ignorant or it is losing sight of priorities.



This is the age of ‘80:20- Extreme poverty, Gracious Luxury’ as John Dornan and Colm Regan have coined/ termed it in Development in an Unequal World (6th Edition). We are in a world that compromises needs over wants, priorities over the less important, the immediate over the non immediate, the essential over the least. I intend not to talk about the current state of development. I just generally think the world has never always been correct in everything.

Statistics show that regional distribution of the 884 million people not using unimproved sources for drinking water include:

North Africa at 13 million;

Commonwealth of Independent States at 17 million;

Western Asia at 21 million

Latin American and Caribbean at 38 million;

South-Western Asia at 83 million;

Eastern Asia at 151 million;

Southern Asia at 220 million and

Sub Saharan Africa 330 million

The need for water around the would outweighs and surpasses that of free WiFi. So is the reality but free WiFi is easily accessible than water????

A very wise man once said, ‘Those of us who have been thirsty, truly thirsty, struggle to empathise with those whom real thirst is a daily torment. Nor do those of us who have had to carry heavy containers of water, day in and day out for long distances over rough terrain, really understand the real value of having water- safe water on taps.’

Simply meaning, we often do not comprehend dire situations if not exposed to them or simply because we have no first hand experience of these situations. Until then, we see value of such needs and therefore choose to or not to prioritise on.

I belief Internet is of vital importance in society, also liberating the bigger and broader picture of how best or better we can ameliorate such societal circumstances. From the improvement of literacy, growing a bigger information society, to eradicate poverty, create sustainable development, and to solve problems, just to mention a few, can be possible through the use of internet and more importantly ‘free WiFi’. In one way or the other, these are to benefit and most significantly impact certain communities in vast ways. However, the impacts can have some sort of limitation too, mainly because some needs are immediate than the others. This is prevalent when comparing basic needs such as water which is associated with every mankind’s right and the availability of free WiFi, which in many state are not necessarily an immediate basic need.

If free WiFi is easily accessible, why is it hard for people to access free water, free food, free education, and free quality health services? These are alongside the most “cannot live without”, “urgent” needs of a large segment of humanity.

The world is wrong due to the fact that water is immediate/urgent therefore “cannot wait and should not wait” and Free WiFi can wait.

“Ignorance is evil”- Unknown


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