I am likely not to get an answer after curiously asking this question. For a moment, I would like to audaciously embrace my curiosity. To question the simplest things. Or worse, the most probably likely to be regarded as insipience. The year 2014 has most definitely taught me a lot. Trends come and go. Some have become revolutionary and some at blink on an eye where gone to soon before we even spoke of them. There are several acts or preferably things that are done and have become popular along the lines. Some of these amazing acts are taking ourselves pictures without actually hesitating someone to assist us. These are termed ‘selfies’. Defined as photographs that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone and shared via social media.


After ‘selfies’, a term was then coined of another act of taking pictures. Particularly with a group of people. These kind of pictures were called ‘Ussies’. However, meaning persuading a number of people to take a self taken image. Pronounced as “US-SEE”. Who could have thought that these terms can be a part of our daily language? I literally have found this interesting.



Not only has it been interesting. It has certainly made me have more questions. One of the questions I have is: What is the act of taking an image via a mirror reflection called? Is it also a selfie? Well, this is nothing new. I perhaps just do not know what it is called. I then asked a social media journalist and columnist what this is called and went on to comprehend that this was how people used to take themselves pictures a long time ago. It is said that long time ago prior cameras, mirrors were the only way artists could capture selfies. SO CREATIVE! But its nameless. There is no term affiliated to this type of image taking. Well, not that I know of at the moment. Social media journalist Gus Silber says it is looking-glassies. I say, they could be “Mirror-reflessies”. šŸ˜›

Mirror reflection image

Mirror reflection image

What do you think such pictures could be called? What you think the precise term for these is?

I am curiously asking and I would be glad to receive an answer to this question.


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