When last were you yelled by one of your parents because you were plugging your headsets on your ears, playing your favourite song at full blast? Burned a well prepared meal before supper because you were gazing at your smartphone’s screen, smiling alone because conversations are getting hot between you and your gossip girls? You weren’t paying much attention in a conversation and did not even spot how rude that was?

If you haven’t necessarily experienced these, then you sure can put your gadgets to sleep.

This is a curving era of tablets, game consoles, laptops, smartphones and endless devices/ gizmos. The era of “iPad, therefore I am’’. A misleading time of finding the need of owning a certain device which is more likely to own you.

We tap and press without any stop, any end. We send, receive, we take in, we capture moments, we insert, we google, delete, replace and most importantly become personally attached to these gadgets. They have become a part of us. They are our daily interacts.

It must be thought blocking to imagine yourself without that gadget at hand, isn’t it so?


It must be difficult to but I am sure some sense of discipline is necessary to get yourself unplugged from these. The inability to unplug from our gadgets is getting to us and more or less affecting how we things now. In between life and death, day in and day out, we prioritise on using these machines and often we look and sound obsessed.

Is it obsessing? Or is it what we really need?

The inability to breath away from anything and everything should be worrying. This era calls for the lack to perform without gadgets out of our hands and site. At work, school, home, public places, and everywhere and anywhere, disjoining ourselves from these machines seems inevitable. It feels so but  I am sure it is doable.

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  1. Bravo! A good article. For many folks these days a connection to their gadgets has become somewhat akin to an umbilical cord. Whereas the umbilical provides sustenance and life for the fetus the cabled connection provides packets of information for a data dependent society. They can take the time to smell the roses only if the message is sent via Instagram. A sad state of affairs. Enjoy the day.

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