What does a pair of socks mean to you?


images (1)Corgi-Polka-Dot-Socks-1

Different patterns, from polka dots, strips, cartoon prints, and other designs are tremendously seen in packaged socks. At first, seen as just a utility. To be worn and not to be exposed. Meant to be simplified and composed for only one functionality and that is, covering feet and to be worn in a shoes.

That’s it?!

images (2)

That has changed. Within the fashion world and also for those who are not fashion gurus, socks are no longer just an accessory as many define them but are now an essential part of clothing which are worn to communicate various stories. Socks are now worn to express personalities of individuals and also expressing someone’s interests and preferably creating a self-owned image of how you want to be seen. Socks are now collected like branded shoes and branded raiment. They are worth making a collection. Socks are beautified and no longer dull. A pair of socks are a custom.


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