The Fine Art of the Skateboard Deck


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Skateboards are for skateboarding, which is an art in itself, but the painting and decorating of skateboard decks has become a fascinating subset of contemporary street culture.
The style ranges from spraypainted urban graffiti to 60s-style Op Art to epic, elaborate portraits and landscapes that wouldn’t look out of place on the back of a customised surfing van.
This deck is by a Cape Town artist who calls herself Motel 7, and who got her start painting walls in Woodstock and shacks in Khayelitsha. Her style is Punk Gothic, with a touch of Mexican DĂ­a de Muertos and wide-eyed Japanese Manga.
The deck doesn’t have wheels, which is just as well, because otherwise I might be tempted to take it for a ride, and that wouldn’t end well.
Skateboarding, like Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Punk, Southern Rock, and Vinyl Records, is one of those 70s cultural phenomena that just…

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